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Ned Flanders Leftorium

Ned Flanders may have failed with his left handed shop called "The Leftorium" in The Simpsons but Anything Left-Handed certainly didn't!

They have been providing left-handed equipment and information to give real benefits to southpaws around the world for 40 years and sent left handed products to over 100 countries last year. The business has been run by the same family for more than 25 years and they and all the staff are left-handed themselves. More about the ALH team.

Huge range of left handed products

The first real left-handed shop in the world was Anything Left-Handed in London in 1968 and that developed into a mail order business and, from 1999, a web site. By 2006 the web site made up more than 80% of all orders and the cost of operating in Central London became prohibitive so the shop was closed so the owners could focus on looking after their web customers and members of the online Left Handers Club. They have the largest ever range of left-handed items available in their online shop as well as loads of information and the free Left-Handers Club

Visit the Anything Left-Handed online shop

Join the Left-Handers Club free to get newsletters, membership certificate and free "backwards" left-handed calendar (more than 100,000 people all around the world have so far!)

The original left handed shop, in Soho, London since 1968